I Am Okay

by Better Promises



6 songs recorded in 6 days.

"I Am Okay" is a reference to Better Promises recently released record, "I Am Not Okay". Sometimes sequels are great and sometimes they are Cars 2. Maybe this shouldn't be described as a sequel. Maybe it's just a Cd to say that "I Am Okay" and here are some happy songs.

P.S. A ton of sad songs coming soon

All songs Written and Recorded by Brandon Gross
Recorded at "My Dormroom".


released December 8, 2013

Thanks to Sam Schooley for editing my "About This Album" description.
Also thank you for the $1.69
Thanks ya perv.



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Better Promises San Jose, California

Brandon Gross is making music.

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Track Name: Dear Future Brandon
Dear Future brandon
I'm Doing the best that I can
I've been working on being less of a jerk
I try to surround myself with people
Think good thoughts when I'm alone
Give compliments when I can
Talk in a happy tone

Cause no one likes a sad guy
No one it's when you're depressed
No one likes a sad guy
I would like someone to like me again someday

Dear Future Brandon
Know I had a hand in
Making you the man you are today
That girl is really cute
I'm happy that she is with you
Your life is going well
You're happy as hell

Don't let it go to waste
You know what you're supposed to do
Keep that head up and keep searching for the truth
Don't do things that you know are wrong
Even if you want to

Make it a war
Between the corners of your lips
To see who can stay up the longest

Go throw out all you Black jackets
Wear colorful clothes
Buy some goofy ties
Get rid of those grey coats
They're weighing you down

Dear current Brandon
Know this isn't the end
You're as happy
As you want yourself to be
Brush the dust off that smile
Do something good
Track Name: Pink
I know your doors always open
When I am feeling low
You've got this eager smile and the innocence of a child
I haven't felt that way in quite a while
So it's refreshing to see
I wish your smile could be on me

You said you're sick of sad melodies
Well I'm sick of them too
You said you're sick of sad melodies
Well I'm sick of them too
That's why I'm writing this song about you

You think pinks the best color
You're wrong the best color is blue but I'll forgive you
Because we both hate the dentist but I probably hate him more
The last time that I saw him was in 2004
I said I'm going vegetarian
And all you did was grin

Bring back the joy
That I see in your eyes
Bring back the hope
I need it in my life
Bring back the dreams
That I've let run away
Bring back the smiles
For at least one day
Track Name: Moon
I watched my sky go black
I thought the sun was never coming back
Then you grabbed my hand
In the dark of night
And you told me things are going to be alright

You were my moon
When things were bad
When the only color I could see
The only color was black
You were my moon
I hope that someday I can be that for you.

All my friends were the stars but you my moon
All these dark times, you walked me through
You said One day, the sun will come back to you
I asked when? You said whenever you want it to.

I watched the sunrise today
I watched the dark sky go away
30 days of night
Turned into 4 long years of fruitless life
Safe to say I'm feeling alright

If you're sun goes down I'll be there for you
Track Name: Indian Star
I can't be the only one who thought
3 circles an Indian star on the wrapper of a tootsie pop
Guaranteed me a free lifetime supply of all the suckers I could ever want

Oh what we used to believe
Oh we were so naïve
Oh I'm growing up
Oh I'm growing up

White cows make white milk
Brown cows make chocolate milk
But then where the hell
Do we get strawberry milk?
Kissing makes you pregnant
Chicken pox turn you into a chicken
Inside every traffic light
Theres a tiny man who makes the lights start switching

If I swallow an apple seed
An apple grows inside of me
All the ATM money
Is free
Holding a shell up to your ear
Allowed you to hear the ocean
If I prayed a little prayer
God would take away my sin

Oh what we used to believe
Oh we were so naïve
Oh No, I'm growing up

Oh No, I'm growing up
Track Name: Wind
Stares down long hallways
To see if you're home
The answer is no
But I'll be fine

It's just one of those day's where I walk around outside
Just loving life and smiling at the sky
Trying to figure why people hate the things I like
I love the wind
It's a constant reminder that the world is moving
I love the wind
I could stick my head out this window till tomorrow
I love the wind
It makes me feel like there's something bigger
Is there something bigger than me
I love the wind
I love where it's going, I love where it's been
I love how it keeps moving
No matter what's in front of it
I love how it pushes around people
That are stuck doing things their own way
I love the wind for the same reasons
That I love the waves
I love repetition
I love things that are powerful
I love laying in the ocean
Letting the waves take control
Of me
Pull me out to sea

I love dark caves
When the sun has gone down
When my flashlight is dead
And there's no one around
I love the feeling of getting lost
And the thought of being found
I like quick sinking sand
That sucks me through the ground
Sunrise to sunset
I try my best not to forget
That I'm not the only thing here

There's something more to life

That I'm determined to find
Track Name: Some Things
Usually I try my best to be strong
Keep my head up and carry on
I can still be happy about my life
Right now is one of those times
But other times
I just miss the nights we had
Cause I know that they're never coming back

Some things you'll miss
Some things you'll miss even more
Some things you'll love
Some things you'll adore
Some things you'll lose
Some things you'll never find
Some things you'll have
To leave behind

I miss having friends
I miss having someone who cared
I miss believing in a god
I miss my stupid parents
I miss beating up my brothers
I miss hockey in the streets
I miss large coke slurpees
I miss climbing up tall trees

I knew there was things I'd have to kiss goodbye
I just never thought I would lose myself
Some things you'll miss
Some things you'll miss even more
Some things you'll love
Some things you'll adore
Some things you'll lose
Some things you'll never find
Some things you'll have
To leave behind
I will learn to leave behind